Acts chapter 8 tells that the people who left Jerusalem carried the gospel message wherever they went. We encourage Christians who are able and moved by God to do the same today. This is why we support God’s work world-wide.

In other words, we pray for, encourage, and send financial support to many missionaries (church workers who are in cross-cultural and non-located ministries). We have become aware of people in India, Albania, Mexico, China and many other nations who are effective in reaching out to people who haven’t heard the Good News about Jesus. We support a small Christian college in Elizabeth City, NC. We also support a church camp for kids and retreat groups called Camp Rudolph, and a church planting group known as Virginia Evangelizing Fellowship. Additionally, we have friends who are preparing to go to Papua New Guinea to translate the Bible for some who have never heard the Gospel message.

Our missionary in India is: S.M. Jayarajan, in Andhra Pradesh, India
The camp contact info is: www.camprudolph.org
Our mission friends in Albania are: Arian and Stefanie Kosta, Facebook: Kisha Kristiane Albania
Waypoint Church Partners (Formerly known as Virginia Evangelizing Fellowship) can be found at: www.waypointchurchpartners.com
The Bible college is Mid-Atlantic Christian University — www.macuniversity.edu
Missionaries going to Papua New Guinea — Jacob and Elizabeth Smith, www.pioneerbible.org

We do not currently support all of the missions listed on a financial basis, but pray for each of them and encourage them as we are able.