Worship (our Sunday worship service) is a gathering of God’s people and those who are seekers (those looking for God or a closer relationship with Him). We usually have songs that point us to God, highlight something He has done, or remind us how to live for Him. We spend time in prayer (talking with God — part of building that relationship). We offer communion every week (the Lord’s Supper, Eucharist, or many other names are used also for this part of the service. We do this to remember Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection). We have a sermon/message, usually from our Minister, Matt. His goal is to inspire while teaching — inspire Christians to live like we know Jesus so the people we come in contact will see Him in us.

We do NOT take up an offering (though offering boxes are available in the foyer for those who would like to give).

Dress is casual. Some wear dresses and ties, but most are more casual than that. Some wear flip-flops!

Our goal is for each person to encounter Jesus as we receive a message (in songs, prayers, meditations, sermon, and interacting with others going through life with us).